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Seen something Japan needs to stop? Send it in!


A sculpture made out of panda turds was put up for auction at the Henan Art Museum in China, and then subsequently sold to a famous Swiss collector for a whopping 300,000 yuan, or 45,000 USD.

Pictured above is a recreation of the Venus De Milo, an ancient Greek statue depicting the Greek goddess Aphrodite, better known by the Romans as Venus.

It was created by well-renowned Chinese sculptor Zhu Cheng. Well, actually, Cheng merely directed a team of nine Chengdu art students. Apparently, he wasn’t too keen on putting his hands on poo-poo. I merely jest.

Regardless, this isn’t he first time Cheng has dabbled in poop. Over the years, he’s sculpted a dizzying array of poop sculptures depicting various subjects, from Australian koala bears to a Japanese soldier surrendering his weapon at the end of World War II.

Cheng was inspired to begin creating works of poop after he overheard zookeepers at a panda reserve discussing ways to make better use of all the panda turds lying around.

“At that moment, I had an epiphany about the artistic alchemy that could transform this waste into something of worth,” he said.

Apparently, that’s exactly what he did! CHA-CHING!


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