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happy valentine's day with the invisible erotic !

NEE posted advertisements and a form on its website offering the opportunity to subscribe for one of the 40,000 blowjobs Tania will offer. Eventually the promised blowjobs were given out virtually, by posting a video clip on Youtube (now not available). An actress, Natsumi Yoshioka, entitled as Tania's blowjob assistant, made gestures in the video as if she was performing oral sex on the viewer. This is her, and yes, she does porn.

To show you, however, that this imaginary penis thing is an entire genre, here's some window licking:

I love this genre of video. Not only are they downright odd, they're also incredibly relaxing to just have running in the background like a virtual friend. My favourite is a girl that gently licks your screen like a kitten for eight minutes, a bit like this one. (Think of A Japanese Woman Cooks an Egg and Asks You About Your Day.) There's just something very soothing about it, even if she is muttering about how big and hard she likes my cock.

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