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While Japan's 18 meter full-sized Gundam was finished earlier this year and the 19 meter Gigantor statue in Kobe is ahead of schedule and nearly finished, South Korea is already working on a challenger nearly twice as tall. writes:

This giant robot project was supposedly started before Japan’s giant robot statues, but it’s being blogged about as a challenger to Japan’s robot landmarks.

Taekwon V is a copy of Japanese giant robot Mazinger Z, created in an era when Japanese copyright holders could not prevent Korean animators from “borrowing” their ideas.

As a symbol of Korean patriotism, Taekwon V has been active in defending the Liancourt Rocks from vile Japanese savages. [below]

The new robot will stand over 110 meters tall - for comparison, the United States' Statue of Liberty is 46 meters tall - and be the centerpiece a theme park called Robot Land, due to open in the South Korean city of Incheon in 2013.

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