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From Eric Bragg's interactive "Sarah T-068, Iconoclast Meat Cyborg!" site:

Sarah T-068's features include:

* Internal computer control of all cybernetic functions with state of the art anti-hijacking and anti-virus organic software. The implants do not interfere with or control natural brain activity.

* 100% genuine telepathic meat gloves for communicating with loved-ones. A must-have for any meat cyborg!

* versatile body coolant system to prevent overheating and to serve as a personal lubricant

* highly sensitive telepathic nipple array for detecting poetic phenomena

* photosynthetic light-capture organs and external chloroplast circulatory system

* bionic legs for kicking CEO's, politicians, priests, soldiers and other agents of oppression and exploitation.

* whipped cream and olive array for generating Anti-Yahweh telepathic shielding

* ninja meat mask for stealth operations

* symbiotic genital banana slugs, for comfort and protection

* generous line-in/line-out options

* and a whole lot more!

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